Wednesday, November 10, 2010

hello, Seattle

in 1992 Greg Laurie and the Harvest team made their way to Seattle, WA to hold a 'crusade'.  i guess i should say made 'our' way, as i was fortunate enough to be part of that team.  i was 22 years old, married but no kids yet.  now, 18 years later, with 21 years of marriage and 2 teenagers under my belt, we did it again.  my family and i have just returned from a weekend of evangelism at the Harvest Crusade Seattle.  what a magnificent event! each of the three nights, hundreds of people walked down stairways at the Key Arena in front of friends, family and strangers to say publicly..."i want Jesus"!!! it was a beautiful thing.  our church brought a bus load of 50 people, my kids included ( i admit it...Brian and i flew :) ),  to hit the streets with flyers and we invited people from ALL over the city!  and they came! we had almost 40,000 people attend in person, and over 100,000 people via the internet!!! over 4,000 people made decisions to dedicate, or rededicate, their lives to Christ!!  it was truly awe-inspiring to watch as God moved...

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