Tuesday, November 2, 2010

what i really wanted to say was...

don't you hate it when you have an opportunity to say something significant and you waste the moment on small talk or frivolous words? i've been there. and i hate/love the moment when i realize what i would like to have said. hate it because i realize that i missed out on a valuable occasion to act on what the Holy Spirit was prompting me to say. love it because i become clearly aware of what i wanted to say...and maybe i'll be better prepared next time to actually say what i meant.  SO, what i really wanted to say was:
you shouldn't be doing that. God loves you still.  you should call your mother.  sin will kill you. yes, what you're doing is a sin.  Jesus is coming again.  i want you to live in Heaven with me forever.  the Bible is true. yep, all of it.  forgiveness is found in Christ alone...you can't forgive yourself.
what would you add?

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