Wednesday, November 9, 2011


recently my family and i took a little time off to be together in northern california. yountville to be exact.  one of our stops was at a delightful bakery called bouchon.  we enjoyed coffee, of course, in addition to some delicious baked goods.  {bouchon bakery} is located next door to {bouchon bistro}. both establishments are sister properties to world famous chef Thomas Keller's {French Laundry}. in fact, they are all located on the same street!

directly across the street from the French Laundry is a beautiful, and rather large, garden.  the fresh veggies, herbs...and eggs... raised there are used in the unique and exquisite dishes prepared at the restaurant. while reservations to the French Laundry are hard to come by (several months long wait list), an opportunity to eat there is a once in a life time experience and, in my opinion, totally worth the wait!  however, if waiting is not an option for you, a reservation at the easier-to-get-in-to bouchon bistro is a great alternative.

the Napa Valley has always been one of our favorite get away spots, and these eateries make me want to go back for more!

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