Thursday, December 8, 2011

proverbs {paraphrased}

{Solomon, 10 & Izzi, 8}

we are currently in our 7th year of homeschooling. my son, Solomon graduated last year. my daughter, Isabella {Izzi}, has another least:). at this point (with Solomon turning 18 in 2 weeks and getting married in 7 months) i'm holding on with all i've got!!!  we've tried different methods and done different things.  we have basically been a homeschool smorgasbord.  and we've had a tremendous amount of fun and adventure doing so!

early on, one of the assignments i gave to my kids was to take a Proverb each week and paraphrase it.  i was always pleasantly surprised at the various ways they interpreted their verse(s).  their interpretation and paraphrase encouraged me to do the same, and i have found fresh meaning in the scripture as i put it in my own words and squeezed the truth out of it.

that said, i've decided to add this to my blog as a regular feature. i hope you'll return frequently to peruse the paraphrased proverb of the week, but i also would encourage you to do the same.  pick up a pen...or sit down at your computer... and let the Word of God speak new, fresh truths to your heart!  after all....

{Proverbs 2} says:
that if we seek after wisdom,
spend our time on things that will make us smarter, deeper thinkers,
put our minds to work on things that will grow our relationship with Jesus stronger...
if we consider such things more valuable than all the money in the world,
if we quit wasting time on mindless games and pointless endeavors,
then...a light will go on in our minds!!!
we will gain understanding
we will gain wisdom
we. will. get it
because life flows from God.  knowledge, understanding, wisdom.
they are all extensions of who HE is.  only by knowing him, seeking after him,
PURSUING him, are we ever truly able to see

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alaina said...

I love this! What a great idea! :)