Tuesday, January 17, 2012

a little sunshine

winter has {finally} arrived here in Montana! and while i'm quite happy about this, i still felt i needed a little sunshine today... so i wore yellow.
and contrary to what my friend Jody McBrayer, formerly of Avalon, may imagine {you can read his tweet to me here}, i do not wear Gucci boots to feed the horses, at least not in 2 feet of snow:)
what i DO wear on a winters day...or at least on this winters day... is:

hair in a sock bun....if you don't know what that is look up a how-to-video on youtube. i'm addicted.
yellow sweater...clearance rack at Target, seriously.
vintage Rolex.... gift from the husband about 10 years ago
orange bracelets... both from Target
Michael Kors handbag... just enough mix of country and city
Juicy Couture Jeans... pretty much every time i visit CA i hit the Juicy store @ Fashion Island. they always have a GREAT selection of sale items in the back
wedge boots... again, clearance Target item. they do surprisingly well in the snow

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