Tuesday, April 3, 2012

25 years

25 years ago i graduated from highschool.
25 years ago i turned 18.
25 years ago i recorded my first solo project...we called them albums.
and Beyond the Charade DID, in fact, release on vinyl. i'm pretty proud of that fact!

we've decided that over the coming months we'll release some videos, photos and stories that will give you a glimpse into my memories of the last quarter-of-a-century...
2 and a half decades...
25 years.

for starters, i received these in the mail today...

my precious friend Stanley {who made not only the dress i'm wearing in the photo, which i wore to my very first Dove Awards, but also made my wedding dress} sent me these original sketches that we used for stickers way back in 1987/88.  i'll see if i can't dig up some of those stickers, as well as t-shirts...perhaps an auction will be in order in the coming months.

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