Tuesday, June 26, 2012

light summer breakfast

i recently posted a photo on instagram of a yummy breakfast parfait that my daughter and i made.  i received so many comments about it that i thought i'd post the recipe here. it's quick, easy and healthy to boot. 

for our parfait we cut up strawberries and peaches.  i've also used other berries ie; blueberries, raspberries or montana huckleberries.  start by adding a large spoonful of the fruit of your choice into the bottom of small glasses or mason jars.  next, add a couple of spoonfuls of yogurt on top of the fruit.  i like to use nonfat, plain, greek yogurt because of it's, well, plain-ness. i don't like extra sugar or 'natural flavors', which is another way of saying additives, preservatives and MSG.  so, i stick with food that is clean and simple.

next, add another scoop of fruit, then another scoop of yogurt. finally, top the whole thing off with a scoop of granola.  again, if you care about your sugar, additive and chemical intake, do your best to buy  granola that has the least amount of sugar and extra, unnecessary ingredients...preferably organic.  we purchase ours from our local coffee roasters, Montana Coffee Traders.    

and Voila!  a delish dish for breakfast or a sweet and healthy snack. 


Carrie Rowe said...

This looks so yummy!

Mary said...

ohh I'm going to try this...looks delicious!!