Sunday, January 27, 2013

california girls

i've just arrived home from a week spent in and around my ol' stompin ground:  Orange County, CA.  i grew up in Anaheim... why, yes, i did spend half my life at Disneyland... and then, once married, lived in the cities of Orange and Newport Beach

i'm blessed to be able to travel and visit friends and family often. this time around, Izzi came along and we had the privilege of leading worship at 2 different churches.  it was an incredible time of fellowship, and i must say that while we came to give, we were given more

first, at Kingsfield Church in Aliso Viejo, we were so sweetly received and blessed by a congregation of Jesus loving people that worshiped LOUD and listened intently as Pastor Chris Norman brought a heart felt message on thriving through prayer. i left that place full, as God spoke and moved in my own head and heart

next, we were part of the women's ministry, Sisterhood, at Lakeshore City Church in Corona, CA. i can't begin to tell you the blessing those ladies were to us! Sisterhood indeed! we were completely spoiled and well taken care of as the ladies of Lakeshore took care of our every need... including giving both Izzi and i gorgeous gift 'baskets' full of thoughtful treats (they confessed to having 'stalked' our instagram and pinterest profiles to get ideas!!) i was truly inspired and challenged by the message that Louise Moulton taught out of Haggai and Ezra.  i hope to get the chance to minister along side her again!

the icing on the cake was the delightful day we were able to spend out in Palm Springs at the ACE hotel with photographer and friend Sammy Cosa. i've known Sammy for several years as he spent countless hours working on and managing my website for a season, as well as taking some photos in 06 (you may remember a certain extravagant pink skirt and cowboy boots) that remain some of my favorites to date.  i can't wait to share the photos with you.... soon

on thursday we met up with Propaganda and Peace.  Peace i've known for 25+ years! he is the rapper on my song 'I Now Live' from 'Remember'.  we go way back.  Propaganda is a new friend whose work i'm insanely inspired by!  he and Peace have partnered to remix a song for Izzi Ray that i really look forward to sharing with the world...

in addition, we spent some time connecting with precious friends and family, and have arrived home refreshed and inspired ... ready to write and work

can i be so bold as to ask for your partnership in prayer? as i head into the future seeking what God has next, i'd be grateful if you'd pray with and for me for guidance and direction.  i'll keep you posted!

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