Wednesday, January 30, 2013


these photos were taken June 9, 2012 at my son's wedding.  it was a glorious day, if not a very warm and sunny one, but to quote Roy Rogers and Dale Evans..."who cares about the clouds when we're together".   and together we were...friends + family.  the girls in these photos represent both.  all three are friends, and all three are family, only one by blood, the other two by heart + soul which = family. i'm grateful for each of their contributions to my life.  they each truly sharpen me {Proverbs 27:17} by way of inspiration and encouragement.
i KNOW they have my back, and they KNOW i have theirs.

do yourself a favor and follow the blogs of these girls....

they both have etsy shops also!

and.... you can find my daughter's music here:

you're welcome


ashley said...

i don't know how i went most of my life without you three girls... it's weird to think about! love you, inspired + challenged by you more than you know!! :)

{oc cottage} said...

LOVE this!!!

m ^..^