Wednesday, February 6, 2013


i asked for, and received, a juicer for Christmas!  i hadn't juiced before, but was very curious and interested to add juicing to my healthy diet.  and i must say.... i'm enjoying it so very much!  the benefits are that you can consume a variety of fruits and vegetables that perhaps you wouldn't ordinarily eat as well as the fact that you consume MORE than what you'd normally eat.  also, it's a great natural and healthy way to enhance weight loss.  rather than fill up on so called 'breakfast bars' that are full of processed chemicals, sugars and not-so-natural flavors, have a veggie/fruit juice for breakfast, a dark, leafy green salad (preferably with chicken or fish or egg for protein) and a healthy dinner (i.e.; fish or chicken with brown rice or quinoa and some veggies).  add a couple pieces of fruit and/or a handful of nuts into the mix for snacks and you're on your way!

here are some links to some websites i've found useful:

Breville.... this is the brand of juicer i have

(disclaimer: that box of pie crusts is old and currently in the trash!!)

prep all your fruits and veggies first....

wash em, cut em, peel em

add apple to any green juice and it tastes sweet!

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Sassy said...

I use to juice, in fact I juiced so much that I blew the motor out of my juicer! Now that I'm a single mom with a college student I just can't afford the juicer or the amount of fruits and veggies needed (as shown by you full fridge). Someday, the boy finishes school and begins his life away from home I can juice again. Until then I live vicariously through blogs and photos of juice. LOL