Thursday, March 21, 2013


this past weekend i had the extreme honor of participating in the Re:Envision weekend at Harvest Christian Fellowship where we celebrated 40 years of ministry for Pastor Greg and Cathe Laurie.  now don't get confused... Harvest Crusades have been going strong for 24 years this year.  Harvest Christian Fellowship, the church Greg Laurie founded in Riverside, CA, is celebrating 40 years.  i first sang there in 1985, i think.  i was a teenager and the lead singer of country-rock-a-billy band Wild Blue Yonder.  we played out at Harvest on a summer Sunday night.

fast forward a few years, to 1989.  my husband and i were newlyweds, living out in Riverside County and attending Harvest.  my booking agent scheduled a sunday night/monday night gig for me at Harvest in Riverside and at Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa (where Wild Blue Yonder had also played several times).  and that was that.  i've been a part of the Harvest family ever since.

i'm overwhelmingly grateful to have been a part of what God has done in the lives of people all over the world through the ministry of Harvest and Greg.   it's part of my history now, and i can't imagine my life without it.  the relationships and friendships we've cultivated because of our involvement will continue on the rest of our lives, regardless of miles that may separate.

this past weekend was an incredible time of reflection as we looked back, through music and video.  but it also served as a catalyst for re:envisioning the future.  God has done much! but He wants to do more!  the same is true of each of our lives.  don't get caught up in, or hung up on, your past... good or bad.  rather, remember it,  learn from it, and let God do something else. something new.  what's next for you?

Izzi, Brian, Me, Greg, Cathe, Jonathan

Brian, Rita Hester, Me, Benny Hester

Marty Goetz and Me

Me and dear, dear friend Anne Barbour (she wrote Lion and the Lamb and For Such a Time as This)

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Jerod Starkey said...

Love the pic with Benny Hester. I used to jam to "Be a Receiver"