Monday, April 22, 2013

baby V

there's nothing quite like the birth of a baby... the joy is indescribable!   in anticipation of one such joyous occasion, i had the privilege of hosting, along with my friend Ashley Rodriguez, (who was responsible for the darling invites, the chalkboard art and the 'v's on the nail polish) a baby shower for one of our precious friends, Leah Eash!  my darling daughter, Izzi Ray, made the lovely...and delicious... cake as well as the chocolate macaroons.  the china is borrowed from my daughter-in-love's mom, it's the same china we used for her wedding to my son, Solomon, last summer.  and finally, my husband was kind enough to create the carrot/ginger soup.  here are some snapshots of the day:

and here she is!! Vera Irene Eash... destined for greatness!!


Sassy said...

Crystal, I have listened to your music for years, Still do, almost everyday and now I get to read these blogs and it feels like we're old friends. Girl lets face it, we just get better with age LOL

Trevor said...

Hello miss Crystal! What a cool way for your long time fans to connect with you.

Your words ring so true! My wife and I have two beautiful girls, and are so blessed when others become pregnant. My wife recently had to undergo an emergency hysterectomy - so any opportunity we have to share in another birth is just a blessing.