Tuesday, June 25, 2013

pop-up recap

monday night//pop-up

what an incredible evening.  i was, and remain, overwhelmed at the response and support of everyone that came to our show last night.  my prayer was that God would meet us there and He did. this whole kickstarter journey has been immensely challenging and humbling.  my hope is that as we look forward, by faith, to the full funding and completion of this campaign, i'll be able to make a record full of songs that honor and glorify our God!  and that breathe hope and life and truth into your hearts.  

last night was the first time ever that Izzi and i have shared the stage for a full length concert.  we've led worship together many times but this was the first time izzi was able to do her songs as an 'opening act' (which she most certainly will not remain for long).  seeing long time friends in the audience moved me to tears and i'm beyond grateful for each and every person that came out and supported us! thank you thank you

a very special thank you to 31Bits and Closer to Love Photography for their incredible generosity and help!! (photos above courtesy of Closer to Love Photography)

also... thank you to the amazing businesses that donated the GREAT prizes for our raffle! 
A Restaurant
Sid's Tattoo Parlor
Closer to Love Photography

we are down to the wire here: please consider pledging if you haven't already done so!!!


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