Tuesday, December 31, 2013


i'm absolutely thrilled to announce 3 new features that will be added to my blog this year!

1// MusicMonday

every monday i will share a music-related post. from the stories behind my songs (from the past and present) to clips of what's happening in the studio; from new artists i'm currently listening to or inspired by to new videos of acoustic versions of past/present songs of mine.  maybe some vocal tips or group discussions on the current face of music. (looking forward to getting together with local musicians for this!!) this past year i spent some time compiling several interviews with musical professional's, from artists to industry insiders to producers to writers, getting their take on music and the business.  these colleagues of mine have such wisdom and experience to share and i can't wait to finally share those interviews with you and for you to get to hear their hearts!

2// GuestBlogPosts

i have some incredibly brilliant friends.  many of whom aren't in the public eye and don't get (nor do they want) a bunch of recognition. still,  God consistently uses their wisdom and insight to sharpen me, convict me, move me, and change me. so i'm going to be asking them to contribute to the blog occasionally.  i look forward to introducing you...

3// SundaySupper @HosannaRanch

if you've followed me for any length of time on instagram you have inevitably seen photos of my husband and his culinary creations.  since moving to Montana, we've typically hosted gatherings, both large and small, where Brian gets to go to town in the kitchen.  we figured it's about time we share them with you! this feature will always involve recipes and how to's, tips and tricks that we've implemented when throwing big ol shindigs or intimate, last minute get togethers.


Unknown said...

I love these 3 ideas, Crystal. Looking forward to it. Especially the last one, as I love to host and entertain. Thank you!


Patrice said...

So excited for these new features on your blog! xo

Unknown said...

Three bright ideas. I'm so excited :D