Saturday, February 1, 2014

the STANDard :: February

i guess now is as good a time as any to reveal the title of my new album....

the Beautiful and the Brave

it's quite interesting to take inventory of a life and find recurring themes that unintentionally come in to play on a consistent basis.  this can't happen until a life has been lived for an extended period of time. i'm finding this to be true as i take mid-life inventory of mine.  at 44, i am most likely mid-way through life. i mean, unless i live to be 100, then i've got a few more years until the mid-way point.  but either way, i'm clearly closer to the end than i am to the beginning.  in many ways that's a somewhat sobering thought. but rather than feel any kind of regret, dread or fear about this mid-way point, i'm feeling instead a renewed peace and thrill about the next season. and as i take a minute and reflect on my history, even as i consider my future, im seeing a thread, discovering variations on these 2 repeating themes:  
beauty + bravery 

in 1996 i recorded an album titled 'Beauty for Ashes', anchored in Isaiah 61.
i began to see the truth in that scripture and know that God would in fact do what he promised to do, which was to take the wrecked, mess-of-a-life that many of us live(d) and dramatically transform it into something that brought healing and growth and even joy. He did. He does.

in 2001 i released an album titled 'Fearless'.
my life verse is 2 Timothy 1:7...'for God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind".  oh, how i have clung to that verse! the idea of being fearless is a good one... although my attempts at it have been feeble.  i continue to learn that it's in my weakness that God is strong.  when i am weak...afraid... HE is strong for me.

as most art is somewhat autobiographical, these two projects served as both prequels and sequels in my life. and at 44, on the verge of releasing yet another album (in a few months), i'm seeing once more this thread connecting these themes.  i continue to learn, and even love, the way God leads us through seasons of life.  the truth in Ecclesiastes 3... that there is a God-ordained time for everything and the fact that HE HAS MADE EVERYTHING BEAUTIFUL IN IT'S TIME!  it's ok! it's going to be ok!  even the circumstances in our lives that are dried up, burned up ashes, will be beautiful because of Jesus. that's the beauty part.
the brave part comes into play in the way those seasons play out and the uphill battle that often accompanies them.  they are sometimes dark and cold, lonely and painful.  moments when giving up is easier than carrying on.  OH!!! but the view from the top is worth it.  God is faithful and every promise is TRUE!  it's entirely possible that some of us may have to wait until we step into eternity to really see the final, BEAUTIFUL outcome... but is not Heaven our home? are we not just passing through? 

keeping our eyes on Jesus is the only way up. the only way forward. is HE worth it? yes. a resounding YES!

Psalm 27:14 (although the ENTIRE Psalm is applicable!!)

"wait patiently for the LORD;
and courageous
Yes! wait patiently for the LORD"

armor on, sword drawn, deep breath....

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