Monday, March 24, 2014

music monday

look.... music is not one-size-fits-all. that is why so many genres exist.  and we get to choose as many different genres as apply on any given day.  yours and mine may overlap from time to time, or not. but that doesn't make us any less compatible as friends.  music is simultaneously for the individual and for the masses.  it all at once soothes our collective soul and amps up our collective agenda.  it brings us down and lifts us up.  weird that music can do that.  bridge gaps, mend fences, knit hearts.

in my opinion, one artist that contributes to this so beautifully is Propaganda.  based in the Los Angeles, CA area, Propaganda travels the country speaking life, spreading truth, building musical bridges that cover the distance of a great divide between races, classes and musically diverse opinions.  i asked him if he would answer some questions about music and the industry. and while busy wrapping up the loose ends of a new project, soon to be released, he kindly obliged.  

1// what part do you play within the music industry?
 Hip hop/poetry artist

2// briefly describe how you got where you are; tell us your story
fell in love with hip hop pretty young. being from a gang infested town, i was eager to find better things to do with my time than gang life.  i got into graffiti first, then breakdancing and around my freshman year of high school tried my hand at rap. through a series of countless freestyle sessions, demos, battle raps and shows where 10 people showed up... one day, it just started working. the phone rang, and never stopped ringing.

3// what advice would you give someone that wants to do what you do?
make sure this is really your call. there are so many things in music that some can do... promotions, production, management, etc.  if you are confident this is it, learn how [to work] and learn how to LOVE work!  be a fan of the art! you should be consuming art alllll the time. last i would say, you need to liiiiiive at open mics.  every time the mic is open, you should be on the list. hearing what other artists are writing and doing.

4// what's your take on the future of the industry? where do you see it going? will digital music take over the world?
digital music already took over. i don't think we will be able to sell a record in the near future.

5// in light of the current climate of the music business, would you advise an artist to seek support from a label or take the more independent, do-it-yourself route of social media driven outlets i.e. kickstarter? what would you say are the pros and cons of each?
i think it depends on your end goal. if you are trying to set next to Bey and Jay at the Grammys, i'd be hard pressed to say the indie route is the way to go.  but if you are cool with a slow cook, then remember it's much better to owe yourself money that someone else.

6// what is the best way for an aspiring artist to get their foot-in-the-door?
GRIND GRIND GRIND. if you make enough noise, people will notice (also, see answer to #3 above)

7// how does one get a demo heard by the right people?
demos are obsolete. make an album and hit the road.

8// what is the Christian industry looking for as far as future talent?
i have no clue. they never really liked me that much LOL

9// itunes or physical product you can hold in your hand?

10// what artist(s)/music are you listening to and/or inspired by right now?
really digging Phanogram, Chvrches and Kendrick Lamar

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