Monday, November 15, 2010

take a bath

i have a confession to make.  when i was a kid, i didn’t love bathing.  i’d go as long as possible between washings. i was fortunate enough to have the kind of hair that didn’t get greasy, so i could pull it off.  needless to say, as you get older things change. dramatically.
i read a book, a trilogy actually, recently that provided a beautiful analogy of bathing as it pertained to my relationship with the Lord.  the books are titled Black, Red and White...the Circle Trilogy by Ted Dekker.  they are sort of in the sci-fi/action/thriller category...which i LOVE!!  without going into too much detail, i’ll just say that in order to maintain both their sanity and their physical well being, the people must literally bathe in the waters of a certain place on a regular basis.  if they don’t, they run the risk of developing a horribly painful, ugly, debilitating skin disease that affects not only their bodies, but their minds as well.
i had the privilege of doing an interview recently with a dj of a radio station in Kansas City.  it was a privilege because 1, it was for a college station that is putting the truth on the airways in a place where the actual, Absolute Truth of the Gospel is typically condemned and replaced with supposed truth, made-up truth, or lies.  and 2, because the dj was a young man that has served our country faithfully in Iraq and has made it home again.
he told me a story about being out in the field for a long period of time without the opportunity to bathe.  he told me that when he finally did get the chance to wash, it was painful. as he peeled his stinky clothes from his body, they actually stuck to his skin.  if this is not an accurate and vivid picture of sin, i don’t know what is!!
sin seeks to blind us of our need for continual renewal and refreshment from the water of the WORD!!  just like the people in the books i mentioned, if we as believers and followers of Jesus do not take the time to bathe in the truth on a regular basis, sin will creep in and gradually stick to our skin.  oh my fellow Christian.... take a bath today!!!

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