Wednesday, December 8, 2010

an obvious understatement

Psalm 48:12-14
"Walk about Zion, go around her, count her towers, consider her ramparts, view her citadels...    that you may TELL of them to the next generation.  For this God is OUR God for ever and ever!! HE will be our guide even to the end."
(exclamation's and all caps mine)
in other words: inspect the place, down to every last detail.  check out the craftsmanship. examine the sheer amount of effort and work that went into it.  take in the imaginative creativity in the design. does it not meet, no, exceed your expectations??!!  God does good work! obvious understatement!
putting this in to applicable terms, consider what 'work' God has done IN you... what has he done in your heart? what kind of changes has he made in your mind? what transformations has he performed in your thinking? changes that you thought would never take place... changes  you thought COULD never take place. HA!!! God does good work!! an obvious understatement!  what 'work' has God done FOR you?  what has he done for your body? have you been healed? revived? restored?  Thank you Jesus!! what has he done for your family?  provided? supplied? What has HE done for you at work? in relationships? at church? at school? God. Does. Good. Work.    an obvious understatement!  God's work is Magnificent! Marvelous! i consider all he's done in and for and through me....and i stand in Wonder!  Amazement!  Awe!  and i have NO desire to keep it a secret!!! do you? don't you want to, i don't know....BRAG!!! you know what i mean, right?  not brag on yourself, but boast in HIM!!  "look what God did!!"
the shepherds felt that way.  on the night when the angels appeared to them... can you imagine!!  seriously stop for one minute and imagine the ridiculousness of that moment! a choir, a host, an army of ANGELS!! lighting up the sky.... to TELL what GOD was doing!!! what he had done... oh my.  and what did the shepherds do? they TELL about it!!!
the end of verse 13 in Psalm 48 says...TELL of them (the citadels and towers and construction and design) to the next generation.  shout it from the rooftops! scream it in the streets! (ok, maybe not literally, that might scare people away!!) God does good work!!! an obvious understatement.

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