Thursday, August 9, 2012

wedding day

oh. i'm so behind! however, better late than never.

and so.... here are some {incredibly beautiful} photographs from the wedding of my son, Solomon, and daughter-in-love. {all photos by Marianne Wiest, sister of the bride}

i know....right?

yep. 12 flower girls

ladies and gentlemen....Zachary Guido

the ring bearers

i'm so proud of these two

the bridesmaids are Bethannes sisters and Solomons sister, Izzi
Brian was the best man!

the new and improved Ray family

The Myers family. Bethanne is the 9th of 10 kids!

true Montana wedding


The Erickson Family said...

Gorgeous Crystal! Thank you for sharing these! What a fun day for your families!

~Crystal~ said...

Absolutely stunning!

Melissa said...

So beautiful! Long time listener of your music - been following you on instagram, now twitter & just discovered your blog! So fun! By the way - i am not a stalker. Just a fellow blogger/tweeter/instagrammer who is in LOVE with your music. :)

Love your blog header, btw! So cute!


querida crystal , hace tantos años que me has acompañado en mi vida a través de tu música y tus palabras , que me parece maravilloso que una nueva etapa de tu vida empiece ahora , se que muchas cosas deben pasar por tu cabeza estos días , tus niños wow como han crecido , aun recuerdo esa foto de tus niños frente al piano y ahora ... se ve tan lejana , estoy muy contento de que DIOS te bendiga tanto deveras que si , algunos años han pasado pero sabes , algo me dice que los mejores años de tu vida estan por llegar bendiciones y besos.

p.d haber si por fin se anima a sacar un nuevo disco es español he o al menos un acustico en español, nos tienes muy olvidados.

Unknown said...

I have been listening to your music since I was 18, Im 40 now. Never do your songs grow old to me. My husband is a new christian and Im introuducing your songs to him. Thank you for your faithfulness to God and then to your fans. You have a beautiful family.

ashley said...

seriously breathtaking!!!!

Unknown said...

Great pics.... I can't believe that your son Solomon's got married!! I still have your devocionary "Oro" (in spanish) and saw the pics of your sons!! I'm in shock hahahahaha!! You're an amazing family... May God continues blessings your lives!! I admire You so much... I hope one day I can get to meet You!! Blessings and hugs from Ecuador!