Sunday, December 14, 2008

all things new

hi.  it's been a while.  and i'm so happy to have launched this new site, with the help of my friend kevin.  my hope is that we (you, the readers, and i)  can stay in touch by way of this blog...i plan to update it regularly (realizing that my version of regularly may differ from others' version's:)  )  i'm so excited to have a place to post photos from the road and journal what's on my heart.  a couple of things at the outset: please know that while i now have in-house help in the tech department (ie; one teenager and one soon to be teenager) i'm still relatively tech un-savvy.  i'm still learning... so i ask for your patience in that regard.  and also, i just have to say it upfront, i won't be able to always comment back.  so don't take it personal if/when i don't respond.   in the coming weeks, we plan to re-implement the '10 questions' section we used to have.  i loved that and hope you enjoyed asking the questions and reading the answers, and hope you'll enjoy doing so again. as for the 'all things new' title,  that's what is on my heart at this moment.  as many of you know, my family and i relocated from southern california to montana a couple of years ago.  we are now very well acquainted with seasons... all four of 'em!  and with each one, Isaiah 43:19 comes to mind.   "See, i am doing a new thing!  now it springs up; do you not perceive it? i am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland." i could go on and on with the promises and richness of that verse!!  but for now, for me, it means another new thing!  another new season!  as winter is in full swing here in montana already (see photo) we are figuring out new ways of keeping warm!  and God is always doing new things in our hearts...constantly teaching, showing, growing us into the people he desires us to be.  we just have to open our eyes and 'see' it!   and yes, he's doing new things musically too!  we are currently writing and talking and listening and thinking about a new recording.  it'll come... in it's due time.  in it's season.   so, welcome!!!  stay tuned....

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