Wednesday, December 31, 2008

white Christmas

hi everyone!!

thanks for all your prayers and comments as i tried to make my way home for Christmas.  i did, in fact, make it home.  it was my very own Christmas miracle!!  every step of the journey felt like a miracle...from getting to my hotel (scary cab ride with 8 others in the van attempting to make it up steep streets in seattle) to finding a cab to the airport the next morning, to catching a bus to yakima where my parents live (took 3 hours or so, we had to go over snowqualmie pass, put chains on and off, quite the ride!) to driving on the slushy highway with my dad to spokane the next day ( 3-4 hours) where brian met us (having driven 4-5 hours from montana) and then we drove all the way back to montana that same day (another 5 hours...much slower going on icy roads at night).  i prayed all the way and God worked it out!  my dad got back to yakima safely, brian and i got back home safely, just in time for our very first white Christmas day in montana!  (we've lived here 2+ years but the first Christmas we were in California and the second one my family was home and i was on a plane heading home.) no sooner had i arrived home, and enjoyed  my first Christmas eve service at our church, and then Christmas day, than it was time to head back to yakima to be with my middle sister and her family, my youngest sister and my parents for my dad's final sunday as senior pastor.  what a weekend!!  i am so thankful that God has allowed me to enjoy so many indescribable blessings in my life! family being one of the greatest gifts!  i'm grateful for the example my parents have shown...and will continue to ministry.

have a happy new year!!!

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