Friday, April 23, 2010

fast food

i, like countless others, grew up with the convenience of fast food.  busy parents often rely on the ease of drive-thru's.  i know i did when my kids were young.  but we've been delivered!  have you watched the new show 'Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution'?  it's really a great look at food and how we've abused it in this country. how we've taken the easy way out and sacrificed our well-being in the process.  he (Jamie Oliver) did a really interesting demonstration to show what goes in to the processed food we consume.  he gathered a group of elementary-school age kids together in his  kitchen and took a whole chicken, cut off all the good parts... legs, wings, breast, dark meat, white meat.. showing the kids and teaching them about the yummy parts that we should eat.  then, he chopped up what was left...the carcass with bones, cartilage, fat, skin...and put that in the food processor. none of the good parts.  then, he scooped out balls of the unmentionable goop, forming cookie-cutter shapes with it on a baking sheet.  the kids were totally grossed out! but then he fried the shapes in a frying pan... clearly showing how 'chicken' nuggets are prepared. guess what? in spite of the fact that every child there witnessed this, each one raised their hand when asked..."now, who would still eat this?".  what?!!! are you serious? even though you have been clearly shown the disgusting reality of the inedible ingredients that when in to that so-called food, you'd still eat it?  i was flabbergasted.  and so was poor Jamie. his plan to win these kids over to healthy eating had failed.  but he didn't give up... if you watch the show, you'll see his dedication and determination to help kids and parents alike to understand the why's of healthy eating.
but as i watched his demonstration, i couldn't help but think about it spiritually.   how many times have i taken the quick and easy way in regard to time with the Lord?  how often have i allowed the harmful distractions of the day interfere with my spiritual health.  rather than truly seek him...taking time to LOOK in his word, be still and LISTEN to him speak, and LEARN something new i can apply to my life... i settle for the convenience of a quick read or hurried prayer.  knowing the effect that not spending time with the Lord has on my heart, why on earth would i knowingly choose to sleep in. or do laundry. or read a magazine. (insert your excuse here). instead of take the the 'healthy' approach and seek him first, before i do anything else.  (Psalm 5:3, Psalm 59:16, Psalm 90:14)  now, i'll be the first to admit that there are times (on the road for instance) when you aren't able to go to the store and prepare a healthy meal.  fast food is all that is available, and there are choices you can make at a fast food place that are better than nothing at all.   and in a spiritual context, if one Psalm is all you're able to fit in one day, that's better than no Psalm.  But i'm referring to the importance of a consistent routine of nutrient-dense, life-giving spiritual truth that will nourish your soul and heal your heart.  yes, it takes a little extra planning and preparation, but it is worth it.  your spiritual health is worth it.  your heart is worth it.

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