Friday, May 7, 2010

with love, from Paris

My family and I are basically recreating, or rather creating our own, new and improved version, of the Chevy Chase classic, "European Vacation".
We are wandering around Paris with wide eyed wonder and taking it all in. No hurry. No rush. No agenda. Just time to be together and play and pretend we're locals...a tough job considering we don't speak a lick of French. I've spent an enormous amount of time over the years traveling but this trip is different in one, very specific way... We are all older! The toddlers I used to cart around in strollers are now teens with minds (and opinions and computers and phones and desires) of their own. Brian and I also have accumulated some extra years, and that can be summed up in one word: naps. The changes in age not withstanding, we are having a marvelous time just being together. I'll post some photos when we return, as I'm not tech-savvy enough to accomplish that until we arrive back where there are plugs I understand.

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