Saturday, May 22, 2010

live wisely, live well

Live wisely. Live well.
On a recent trip to Europe with my family, I purchased a British home decor magazine for the flight back to the US. I absolutely love looking through the pretty pages and accumulating ideas for the rooms in my home. As a person that has made a living in a creative industry, I tend to want change and variety in every area of my life...all the time! In this particular publication I cornered several pages that caught my eye, as is my habit. I like to go through a magazine, corner pages of interest, then I typically pull the pages and keep them for future reference. Incidentally, I do this with all magazines. I hate clutter and can't stand stacks of stuff around the house, so I keep the pages I pull in notebooks that I go through every season and edit. Obviously, i throw away the magazine after I've torn out the pages I want to keep, thereby cutting down on the clutter. This all sounds very complicated now, as I read it. I sound rather obsessive. Oh well, it works for me. And I'm now way, way, far away from the subject! this British home decor magazine, most of the pages I cornered had something in common. They all fell under the heading of 'Live Well'. Oddly, this is something that I wrote down during my quiet time the other day...Psalm 90:12 "oh! teach us to LIVE WELL! teach us to LIVE WISELY and WELL!" (the Message)
in the NIV version it says it this way..."teach us to number our days aright, that we might gain a heart of wisdom". As someone who is (clearly) concerned with order and organizing, I've always loved this verse. It reminds to think about what I'm doing, how I'm prioritizing my tasks, my days, my time. It reminds me to take into account what is missing, what i'm doing well and what i need to work on. Life in general is so much about much more the Christian life. The days of a believer are characterized by the decisions we make, whether we obey or disobey, say yes or no, jump in or give up, take the narrow road or the broad one. Living well is not about doing nice things for ourselves, as the pages in my British home magazine would suggest, but it is all about remembering what God has done for us, how far HE has brought us, and the choices we need to make to go further. To go the distance.
So my friend, seek wisdom in the Word, pursue it. As you do, I promise you'll find it, and with it you'll find the ability to 'number your days aright' and the strength and inspiration you'll need to Live Wisely and Live Well.

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