Friday, December 31, 2010


as 2010 comes to a close, and 2011 dawns, what is going through your head? what aches in your heart? are there regrets looming over your head? are you, like me, considering what you did, and didn't, do over the past 12 months? yeah, me too.  here is a quick review and rundown of what i consider my 'profit and loss statement' for the year:
loss: my little dog Roxi (run over by a car); our cat Luna (just disappeared); an investment property to foreclosure; walked through divorce with a sister
profit: dropped 15 pounds (ok, kind of a loss but...); began leading worship at our church once a month; new Christmas recording; released 'The Wylds' (movie my son stars in); watched God speak to and save hundreds through 'Skull Church', our church's mid-week service (; ran 2 5k's (first time i've ever run!); my son started driving (bitter sweet); traveled to Europe with my family and made life-long memories; watched God heal my dad of cancer (melanoma)
as i consider the way i spent my time this past year, i'm also considering the year to come and contemplating how i'd like to change/grow/improve.  some of my experiences were out of my control, and others were based on choices i made.  a friend recently posted a very interesting thought on Facebook: "1 year ago today I decided to live 2010 as if it were my last."  he did, and has no regrets.  what if you and i did the same with this year? i mean, which of us has any guarantee of a tomorrow? James 4:14 says: "... you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. what is your life? you are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes." so, it stands to reason that, while planning for tomorrow is beneficial and important, living in the moment and taking advantage of what time we have been given is imperative! that said, here is my list of Resolutions: (definition: formal expression of intention; determination)
pRay. wRite. Read. Record. Run. Ride. Remember. Rise. Rejoice. Relax.
i look forward to expanding on each one in the coming weeks:)
happy new year!!

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