Wednesday, January 26, 2011


i wRite this as i prepare to pack for a trip to California, my old stomping ground.  i'm fixing to Record a new set of songs. that sounded so country, it's not a country sound we're going for...not this time anyway.
i've been wRiting away for months and the time has finally come to put the songs on tape...a figure of speech of course, as we Record everything digitally these days.  and as it happens, Resolution #4 is Record! not coincidentally, this was quite intentionally planned.  this project has been looming in my heart and mind, taking over my life, for a while now, and i'm looking forward to getting it over with, i mean, bringing it into full bloom!  i could not do it without my amazing, lovely and talented family.  my husband is writing a few, along with my daughter. my son is arranging and playing and programming.  i'm truly grateful for them.
the scripture associated with this Resolution is Psalm 96...'Sing to the Lord a new song! Sing to the Lord all the Earth!' that is only the first little bit, go look it up and read the whole's remarkable!  it inspires and reminds me that God is worthy of my best, and worthy of something new and thrilling, not just the same ole thing.
so, as an artist paints with different brushes and colors and doesn't always know exactly what will become of the canvas in front of him, so i will be singing and la-la-ing my way through a world of creative experimentation over the next few weeks.  i covet your prayers! that God would breathe life into the songs, that His will would be done through them, in my life and yours!

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