Wednesday, January 19, 2011


i tried to get all my resolutions to start with R... i came Really close. pRay, Remember, and now the third one is: wRite.  Jeremiah 30:2 says:
This is the word that came to Jeremiah from the LORD:  This is what the LORD, the God of Israel, says: ‘WRITE in a book all the words I have spoken to you.
i have typically written the words God has spoken to me in songs. i did write a devotional book that went along with the album 'Gold' several years back.  that was very much an autobiography of sorts, as are many of the songs, i suppose.  but there are other things that i believe God has put on my heart to put on paper. and i've been simply thinking about them for too long. this is the year to actually put pen to paper..or more accurately fingers to keys... and bring them to life.  one book is already in process...hopefully it will be finished and out by summer.  another is still in the thought process...and living out process!  i look forward to sharing them both with you in the coming months!
in addition to whole books, blogging is all the rage at the moment.  obviously, i'm on board.  as fun as it can be to share thoughts and anecdotes, it's still a discipline that needs to be cultivated. it's not been easy for me to be consistent.  hence this resolution of wRiting.  my goal: to finish the book i've already begun, begin to flesh out the next one, and blog regularly.
incidentally, one observation i've made while scouring the internet and researching other peoples blogs, is that blogging can quickly become an exercise in self-absorption. i realize that the day in which we live is dramatically different than days past.  technology is such that the need for giant-machine-corporations (from record labels to book publishers) is diminished. you can be an independent writer, designer, photographer, developer, artist or musician and promote yourself better, with a more far reaching affect than in prior eras.  this generation is one of self-promotion.  that being said, we, as a society, need to make sure that our obsession with ourselves doesn't consume us.  i want to always allow room for the Holy Spirit to say...easy girl, it's not all about you.  there is a delicate balance between obsessing over ourselves and promoting our business.  and ultimately bringing glory to God.
( i hope my meaning in this is clear... as i LOVE reading other peoples blogs! i learn a lot from others on countless subjects and enjoy supporting my friends in their endeavors. )

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