Thursday, September 22, 2011

end of summer

leopard cardigan; jeans, Juicy Couture; draped front green T, JCrew; flats, purchased a few years ago from a little shop in Sydney, Australia; handbag, L.A.M.B.; sunglasses, Ralph by Ralph Lauren (airport purchase!)

the end of summer is here. i have to just accept it.  but that doesn't mean i have to wear socks yet!
socks, no. sweater, yes. and my go to sweater for this time of year is this little leopard number. it doesn't have a tag inside, so i don't even know who makes it! that is not normally the case...

i have kept many things that i've purchased over the years and, thankfully, can still wear most of them! (that has not always been the on the {health} tab for more on that...) and of the items i've kept, i'd say that the majority of the pieces mean something to me. they have been kept because they are significant.  i can usually remember where i purchased an item, why, even how much it cost!

this sweater is newer, i purchased it last year sometime... from a little off-the-beaten-path shop somewhere. it's not your typical cardigan, it's slightly drapey in the front, with no buttons. it's an easy thing to throw on over pretty much any T and jeans. or a dress. or skirt. it's one of my current favorite things...

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