Saturday, October 1, 2011

kauzbots are kool

this is one of my favorite little friends, Lenya. she is pictured with her Kauzbot,  Kaprice, that supports breast cancer.

i'm SO very excited to introduce you all to my friend Keith Page and his friends, Kauzbots. my family and i have known Keith for close to 10 years and i'm completely inspired by his vision for these precious plush BOTS!  i love the fact that not only are these guys cute and beautifully designed, they are serving a purpose and making a difference. i was honored to get to interview Keith and find out more about Kauzbots.  read on to be inspired yourself... 

Hi Keith! I’m very excited about Kauzbots! Tell me a little about what inspired this idea... Why dolls? Why robots?
Great question. Let me start out by saying the robots prefer to be called ‘bots’ rather than ‘dolls’. (LOL) The inspiration came from the bots themselves. The first robot was sewn by a friend who lives in Hawaii. After seeing the robot in person, the concept of adding a name, a personality, and a “kauze” came next. And it was then that the name ‘KAUZBOTS’ was born.
How do you choose the various organizations and causes that Kauzbots represent?
We select each kauze as carefully as possible. Our goal is for each new KAUZBOT to address an important, specific issue within society that needs increased awareness and financial support. It’s also important that the new kauze compliments the rest of the KAUZBOT team and their already existing kauzes.
The colors and names are great! What are some of your design inspirations?
I wish I could take the credit for the design of the bots, but all the incredible design work and inspiration flows from the life of my friend and KAUZBOT business partner Sarah Maurer. She is a very gifted, talented, and modest lady. Everything she touches turns to gold.
Do you have a personal favorite Kauzbot? Why?
That’s a difficult question; kind of like asking a parent if they have a favorite child. But when I really think about it, there is one that tends to be a favorite – and that’s Kalvin. He was the fist KAUZBOT to come out of the factory and I love his heart for the needs of the world. In fact it was his heart that was so touched (and overwhelmed) by the needs around him that he went back to the factory to ask his ‘inventor’ to create more robots to help him respond to all the needs. It’s really a beautiful story.
Is there a particular story about a specific child receiving a Kauzbot that just lights you up?!
Wow, there are so many stories. I love the time we helped host a party in New York city with about 40 boys and girls who live in shelters with their moms. We had a six-foot tall Kalvin KAUZBOT there to entertain the kids and also presented each child with their own 18 inch Kalvin before they left that evening. To see their smiles, laughter and joy throughout the evening was a total rush for myself and the rest of the team. 
What does the future hold for Kauzbots?
We have so much in store for KAUZBOTS. We’re working on a line of children’s books about Kalvin and the rest of his KAUZBOT friends and their amazing adventures as they go throughout the world making a difference. We’re also just completing our first paper toy Kalvin KAUZBOT that can be downloaded online then cut out and assembled. We’re also beginning to develop a script for a cartoon and speaking with other individuals on how we might add to our great brand. It’s going to be exciting to see what happens next.

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