Saturday, October 1, 2011

feathers from my nest

my kids used to be little. i don't know what happened.  but they aren't little anymore.  when did this happen? they're now more like young-adults, both taller than me. both way beyond where i was at their ages musically.  both growing and maturing as Jesus-lovers and strong-minded believers.  i'm terribly proud of both of them. and i'm truly excited about their futures, knowing full well that God has some remarkable things planned for them.  that said, i'm still struggling with the reality that my son, coming up on his 18th birthday, is flying the coop sooner, rather than later.  he is engaged. yep, you heard me right.  my 17 year-old son is getting married next summer!  (to a precious, godly, beautiful girl that we all love enormously!!)
this book, 'feathers from my nest', by Beth Moore, is a sweet, real look at that season of life...saying goodbye in one sense, yet growing in relationship and friendship in another.  it's poetic, funny, realistic and honest.  and it's helping me see things clearly.

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