Wednesday, November 16, 2011


on one of my recent trips to orange old stompin' ground... i walked into a shop i'd seen before, but hadn't been inside of. Juxtaposition. it was a creative feast for the eyes, an absolutely beautiful store, incredibly well designed and styled. there were so many things to see, i visited 2 days in a row! here are a few snapshots of what caught my eye:

and of course, i couldn't come home empty handed! so i chose a simple gift for each of my family members....oh and myself:)

{clockwise l-r} first, for me, i chose a book i'd been wanting for a while, Decorate. it's written by Holly Becker, author of Decor8 blog and also author/teacher of Blogging Your Way e-course that i took this past fall.

next is a navy and white striped hat for my daughter, Isabella. its by a french company, Armor Lux.   everyone is doing stripes....they started it.

third is a set of colored pencils for our artist in residence, the husband, Brian Ray.  Cake Kitchen Papers is one of my new favorite sites for all things home/dining.

fourth is a mighty wallet for Solomon.  have you seen these? they are made out of a single folded sheet of a strong micro fiber material called Tyvek. they are tear and water resitant and super strong. this one is made of a New York subway map. 

next up are packs of vintage looking parisian-post envelopes by Souvenirs de Voyage.  i just thought they were cute and that some of my friends may like them.  

and finally, i bought these Ray-Ban look-a-likes with bamboo arms. again, for me! they are Juxtaposition originals.

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