Tuesday, November 22, 2011

thankful for family and friends

as Thanksgiving is upon us i was reminded this morning of how truly thankful i am for my family and friends.  my friend Kelli and her husband Reed were going to spend Thanksgiving with us, however they decided to take a road trip to be with family instead.  this last year has held some difficult burdens for Kelli to bear, including the loss of both a sister and father.  difficult indeed.  so being with family is well, more than understandable...it's priceless.
{Kelli + me, 4th of July}

when Kelli told me they weren't going to be with us on Thanksgiving, but with her sisters and mom instead, i have to admit... i got a little jealous.  i was wishing i could be with my sisters and parents too.  we've lived apart for quite some time, so it's nothing new to not be together on holidays. but time is so short.  our precious moments together are few and far between and kids grow so fast!  i just want to encourage you to love and enjoy your time together with family! 

sisters  {l-r, me (eldest), Cassandra (youngest), Candace (middle)}

i was blessed to get to spend a weekend with my sisters recently! i love that we are FRIENDS!! we had such a great time talking, running, laughing, eating{and taking pictures of ourselves}.  we live many miles apart and though we won't be together for the holidays this year, i'm grateful for the times we ARE able to spend together.

so this Thanksgiving, will you do something for me? will you at least CALL family!! don't just email or text them!  hearing the voice, if not getting to see the face, of a loved one means so much.  finally, i want to just say how much i LOVE my daughter and my girl-friends!!! they are like sisters to me and i'm blessed to call them friends!


ashley said...

LOVED this!!

Carrie Rowe said...

SO true!!!! Wishing I could be with my family, but am SO THANKFUL for you and your family!!! Ok, now I'm crying, sheesh. See you tomorrow!!!

homakr707 said...

I agree! Cherish every moment you get. I started taking guitar lessons from my dad a year ago and just started bass lessons one week ago. The main purpose was to spend time with my dad and bond with him. It has been awesome creating these memories! I would like to learn crystals songs but having a hard time finding chord charts :)