Saturday, December 3, 2011

baby it's cold outside

{vintage fur, a Christmas gift several years ago; trusty Juicy leopard bag; Anthropologie  skirt}
oh how i love winter! as a girl growing up in southern California, i had no idea what winter was. until my family up and moved to Michigan.... i was terribly sad to see them go. (although honestly, i was SO happy i was not moving with them to, what seemed to me at the time, a foreign land). i got married and stayed behind in California.  i did, however,  make the initial trip with my family and helped with the unpacking of the middle of January!!!! talk about a rude awakening! from sunny, so. cal. to wintry, snow covered, Michigan...the ultimate culture shock.

now here i am, living in Montana of all places (which my father finds hysterical after all my whining about Michigan winters). and, quite frankly, loving every below-freezing moment of it! one of the many lovely things i've found out about winter is that you must, you simply must, wear boots and coats and gloves and hats at all times.  and for me, any excuse to wear my vintage fur coat is a good one.  i often throw it on over jeans too, as truly dressing up in Montana isn't something that happens very often.

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