Tuesday, December 6, 2011

giving thanks: 2011

1. my husband, Brian Ray, brined our turkey for 36 hours prior to our meal and then roasted it to absolute perfection! 2. pumpkin pie made by miss Carrie Rowe 3. my place settings were comprised of  Lenox china (received as wedding gifts in 1989) and my collection of Stratford Stage, by Royal Staffordshire, china that i've been piecing together as i find it since we moved to Montana. 4. cups set aside for hot apple cider  5. chocolate mousse and homemade whipped cream made my daughter, izzi ray  6. digging in   7. beautiful rustic wood cake stand, made for me by my dear friend Leah  8. green salad with cornbread croutons and sugared pecans....and jalapeno's   9. gluten free rosemary + olive oil drop biscuits made by my friend/neighbor Ashley 10. homemade apple pies, again made by izzi    11. lemon tart with homemade crust and meringue, thanks to our resident master chef (husband!)   12. spiral ham prepared by Brian Ray (with secret ingredients honey and red pepper flakes)

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Carrie Rowe said...

Can we do this all again this weekend??? SO much fun and such delicious food!