Thursday, March 15, 2012

proverbs {paraphrased}

proverbs 11:4

'...riches won't help on the day of judgement,
but right living can save you from death'

our culture is convinced that money, material possessions and upper-crust living determine your place in paradise.  but all of the wealth in this world cannot cleanse you, cannot save you, cannot clinch for you a spot in eternity.  only the blood of Jesus can do that.  the response of a redeemed and rescued heart will be one of obedience. everlasting life awaits those whose desire is to live with an eternal perspective, their hearts and minds set not on what is temporary and fleeting, but on that which lasts forever.


Jack P said...

So very true Crystal!

Gpacharlie said...

We must pray for the people who we meet who scoff, or ridicule, or negate Jesus. He died for them and we must pray that His sacrifice be fulfilled in that none should perish. We must pray for them constantly and make our life a prayer for the lost. The beauty of the cross, the healing for the lost,

Gpacharlie said...

The Eternal Perspective phrase is like having an attitude of gratitude. I love that phrase eternal perspective and it is so motivating. With an eternal perspective, we are able to put things in their right context and not get so excited about bothersome things. Thanks for the reminder.