Monday, March 12, 2012

the truth about juice

if you are looking for an easy way to cut some sugar out of your diet,  try juicing your own oranges and/or grapefruits.  store bought juice...just about ALL of it!!... is loaded with sugar.   a piece of whole fruit..or juicing something a much better option for your body, and your brain.  

we use this citrus juicer by cuisinart. you can pick one up at Target or Bed, Bath and Beyond.{or this yellow one is super cute!}

i was only making enough for 2 people this morning, so i used 4 med to large grapefruits. we buy the giant bag of them at Costco. 

when i have time, i'll juice a dozen or more and fill up a pitcher. that way, i have some ready to go in the fridge for when i don't have time to make a fresh batch.

when i was a kid, i did not care for grapefruits at all!!! now i eat them like candy! they are great cut up in segments on top of pancakes!! sounds weird, but it's the best thing ever!! {with the teeniest sprinkle of powdered sugar...but no syrup}

this is such a cheap & easy ... not to mention healthy... way to get your vitamin c for the day!

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Douglasrice said...

LOVE.... Did I say love? Totally Love my ruby red grapefruit tree. It produces more than 300 a year. So juicing, freezing , and just about anything you can imagine cooking it with.. One of my favs is baked salmon that has been marinaded in the fruit juice with fresh garlic, tarragon, Italian parsley and kosher salt. I also end up giving lots of the ruby reds to friends and church families that want it. Love the Blog Crystal! I've listened to your music and followed your carrier since 1991. First song I heard was a duet you did with Jon Gibson "Lost inside of you". You have a special gift that has grown over the years. Seems to get better as time carries on. God bless you and your family! From a humble singer/musician in Tampa, fl. Sincerely , Doug Rice