Sunday, June 9, 2013


a little over a week ago (on June 1) i launched a 'KICKSTARTER' campaign.  for those of you unfamiliar with KICKSTARTER, allow me to fill you in.  KICKSTARTER is a website that enables people to raise funds for creative projects.  it provides the tools to get information out and money in.  when you pledge money toward a specific projects goal, you have the opportunity to not only support the person and their project, but you receive great rewards in return.  the best way i can help you gain a better understanding of it all is to let you see for yourself.  here is a link:: KICKSTARTER, where you'll find detailed information, videos, you can see the rewards and have your questions answered.

i have to admit... this whole thing is quite challenging for me.  it's always humbling to ask for help and honestly... i'm not good at it!  i'm typically the type of person that just figures it's easier to do things on my own... the whole if-you-want-something-done-right-you-have-to-do-it-yourself mentality.  but also, i hate putting people out.  it seems like everyone is busy or broke!  and i have no desire to put anyone in an uncomfortable situation when it comes to overcommitting, whether in regard to their time or their finances.

that said, i've realized something recently. and that is that not just as music lovers, but as believers and followers of Christ, we are a family. we are a team. and teams work together.  i confess that in my early years of music and ministry, there were times when the Christian industry fed the artists egos more than the artists spirits.  back in the day we had everything done for us! when you're signed to a major label there are people assigned to every detail of your career.  when you're an independent artist you roll up your sleeves and do it yourself.  and that's where i'm at!  i'm so grateful that God has opened my eyes to the delight of working together. i'm confident that He is wanting us, the body of Christ to grow in unity, advancing the Kingdom, living in anticipation of His return!!

i feel called to continue. to press on.  and i can't do it alone.  i hope you'll see the value in partnering with me and pledging to help us meet our goal.  it's all or nothing!  if we don't make it to our set dollar amount.... WE DON'T GET ANYTHING.  so it's imperative that we reach that goal!  or preferably, i'd like to exceed it.  all of the funds will go to the production, manufacturing and creation of a new album.

NUMBER ONE:  will you please pray for and with me?  for creativity. for the Holy Spirit to fill me up! for direction musically, creatively.  pray that God would guide and provide.

NUMBER TWO:  will you consider making a pledge? ANY AMOUNT COUNTS AND HELPS!!!   there are some pretty fun reward packages i've put together!  check them out here: KICKSTARTER and read about all the rewards.

NUMBER THREE:  will you please please please pass this information along to ALL YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY MEMBERS, FACEBOOK FOLLOWERS ETC!!!! re post my tweets, share links to KICKSTARTER,  direct people here to the blog!!!! i can't do it without YOU!!!!!

finally.... on my KICKSTARTER page i've posted one update so far.... lots more to come!  the update i posted yesterday highlights one of the fun little rewards included in the 75$ (and up) package.  it's a set 12 STANDard cards, one for each month of the year! {you can read about the STANDard here} they're beautifully designed by 4 of my artist friends from right here in Montana!  i interviewed 2 of those artists in my update.  incidentally.... it's their feet (along with mine) in the photo above:)
you can see their work here (thorn & sparrow) and here (leah eash)

thank you so much for listening, praying and hopefully partnering with me!!

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