Tuesday, October 15, 2013

a walk, a way

i needed to clear my head.  needed to make sense of all the thoughts competing for my attention.  so i went on a walk.  God speaks the same in the house as in the woods,  it's my inability to hear him in the house that led me outside.  and i'm currently consumed with the house.  as i've stated repeatedly in recent posts, we  moved (exactly 54 days ago) and have been DIY'ing it up in here (read: painting, hanging, fixing etc).  i desperately need to wrap up these minor house projects and move on to the major project: the new record.  this is an album that has been officially funded by YOU, the fan/friend/family member.  as you may or may not be aware, i successfully completed a Kickstarter campaign back in July.  that means that i'm writing new songs, rounding up some of my favorite musicians and making new music.  initially, i was hoping/planning to release said project near the start of the new year,  however the sale of our house and our subsequent move resulted in the project being pushed back a bit.  i have quite a lot on my plate at the moment. a lot to contemplate and think about.

so i went for a walk.

as i walked, with my dogs along for moral support... and protection... i prayed. and listened. and one of the things i realized (again) about myself was that i like staying on the well marked path. now, depending on the point one is trying to make, a case can be stated for both staying on and veering off of the proverbial path. for all intents and purposes here i aim to state my case against it... i became aware of the fear that keeps me on said path.  it's scary to make a path through the unknown.  it's dangerous.  but it's also rewarding and beautiful.  i stayed on the well marked, clear path for a while, but then i followed the dogs into the unmarked woods, where tall grass and thorny bushes live to block the way.  you can't see where you're going or what's ahead the grass there is so tall.   but i was reminded of Isaiah 43:19 as i trudged through.

see! I'm doing a new thing! making a way... another way. when it seems impossible, when it seems ridiculous... I. Will. Make. A. Way.

if you're like me you've read that passage more times than you can count.  and yet.... He's made that many ways.  He's shown Himself to be faithful that many times. and He'll do it again.


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to see that you have a blog. I enjoyed reading through your recent posts this evening. I can remember when "Lion and the Lamb" came out - you moved me so deeply. I was in middle school. I used our keyboard at church to sequence my own performance track (alert: music geek) and couldn't wait to sing it at church. Today you came up on YouTube as I was rabbit trailing around and I am reminded of the ways that your music has blessed and inspired me. What an anointing you have and what a gift to see you using it for the Lord! I am a mother and worship leader myself now and your voice and anointing still bless me. Thank you! All the best ~ Sarah

Unknown said...

Hi Crystal, keep writing! keep writing,keep writing! God bless you!