Wednesday, March 5, 2014



tradition, gift, heirloom, inheritance

how are we, as mothers, influencing our daughters so that we aren't just LEAVING them a legacy, but  LIVING one out right now?

what gifts are we giving them TODAY that will enable them to leave their own legacy TOMORROW?

as daughters, how are we honoring or carrying on our own mother's legacy?  or are we searching for restoration, hope and healing as we deal with the disappointment of the lack of one?

i'm going to be honest.... i don't know ALL of the answers to these questions.  but i've wrestled with them.  i'm looking for them. and maybe you are too.  i would love to invite you to search along with me. along with US. 

my daughter, izzi ray, will reach her 18th birthday this year (time. is. flying. by.) and she and i have been praying, seeking, thinking, planning, dreaming, writing, wondering together this past year about what God would have us do as a team.  

we believe we have a window of opportunity in this moment, in this season // we believe that God has given us gifts to use to bring glory to HIS name // we believe that there are countless mothers and daughters out there that long for honest answers to tough questions // we believe that there are women desperate for reconciliation // we believe that there are mothers and daughters that just want to know they're not alone on the journey. 

we need each other...

and with that in mind we are delighted to launch… LEGACY  

an event where mother's and daughter's will gather to 
worship + pray 
listen + learn 
connect + grow

part concert, part conference, it will feature Izzi and i singing and leading worship together, in addition to each of us performing songs on our own // i will speak on LEGACY and discuss different aspects of what that means to us as both mothers and daughters // there will be a time of prayer together as we seek God in our endeavor to live and leave a legacy // we will have a Q + A time with myself, Izzi and, occasionally, special guest(s)!
(details will vary depending on specific dates)

we are booking NOW for summer 2014 and beyond! we've never done, or even attempted, anything like this before… but we are filled with anticipation at what God will do with this and through this! 
as we step out in faith, we know that he is calling us to rely on HIS strength as we embark on this new adventure in His name and for His glory!  

visit to contact us for more information and booking//
follow us on twitter for updates// @the_LEGACYevent

' I will sing of the mercy and loving-kindness of the LORD forever; with my mouth will I make known your faithfulness from generation to generation.'   Psalm 89:1

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