Monday, March 9, 2009


recently i sang at a church that holds 4 weekend services every week, one Saturday night, 3 Sunday morning. on this particular weekend, i was also scheduled to sing at this same church for a women's  event which was to take place on the following 3 consecutive evenings, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. so that adds up to 7 services in 4 days.   and not just 1 or 2 songs at each service either... i don't know how church pastors and their staff hold up every single weekend doing multiple services, wait yes i do, by the Grace of God!  anyway, as i was singing the 2nd of the 3 Sunday morning services, after having already done one the night before and, like i mentioned, anticipating the next 3 days, i was struck by a new thought.  manna.  not that manna in and of itself is a new thought to me, but the way that God was applying it to me in that moment was new.  i was very aware of the condition of my voice...i was fighting a cold, i was feeling fatigued and quite honestly was fighting the anxiety that comes with worrying over whether or not my voice would hold out until the end.  i knew i had to make it last somehow and i knew that God would do it- for i can do ALL things through Christ who gives me the strength!- however, in that moment i realized that i was fighting against him as i 'held back' my voice, hoping to 'save some for next service'. Manna came to mind and the way that God provided exactly enough for each day, but only one day at a time.  and they always had enough. they had to trust God and only take what they needed for that day.  for me, i needed to trust that God would provide what i needed for each service.  trust that he would use me regardless of which notes i could or couldn't hit.  trust him for strength.  trust him for endurance.  KNOW that he WILL provide just enough of what i need.

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