Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dove Awards

this past week i had the extreme joy and privilege of performing on the 43rd Annual Dove Awards.  it's been a few years since i've participated, and while there were many changes, there were also a lot of things that seemed to have stayed the same.  for instance, in years past, the awards show has always been held in Nashville, TN as the finale to GMA week.  however, this year, as well as last, the awards were held in Atlanta, GA in the FOX Theatre, a beautiful, historic venue that,  i felt, brought an extra level of credibility to our event.  there were also a lot of new faces, both behind the scenes as well as in front of the camera, which made for fun new friendships (for both izzi and me!).  as for things that hadn't changed... it was an exceptionally beautiful time to reconnect with friends and colleagues that i haven't seen in while.  the evening was more like a family gathering than an awards show. it was clear that while we were there to honor one another, we were also there to reiterate to the world our united message of hope, peace and love in Jesus!

{Angie Stone, me and Karen Peck-Gooch at rehearsal}

{me, waiting my turn}

{me, rehearsin'}

{on the left...the incomparable Yolanda Adams}

{seriously...Angie Stone, Yolanda Adams and me... i had to pinch myself!!}

{Wess Morgan and me...what a gifted singer!!!}

{gettin' my make-up done}


{izzi and me}

{these people are VERY SPECIAL to me!!! L-R Michael English, The Martin's, Jay DeMarcus (Rascal Flatts}

{my long-time friend Jaci Velasquez}

{Yolanda and me during the performance}

{Angie, Karen, Yolanda and me...somehow ours got nicknamed 'the Diva performance'!}

{handed out the award for Female Vocalist to Natalie Grant!}

{Danny Gokey, Kirk Franklin and Jason Crabb....there isn't room or time for me to write how thrilling this moment was for me!}

{another ridiculously awesome moment! Kari Jobe, my daughter Izzi Ray and Jamie Grace. so thrilled about this next wave of young women in music!}

{Mr. Aaron Lindsey, our musical director for the evening. AMAZING talent, this man is!!}


Toni said...

I really enjoyed watching you on the Doves. So glad to see you back in the Christian music scene. Any chance we might be hearing your lovely voice on the radio again?

Anonymous said...

Great Pictures! Can't wait to watch your performance!

EmilyDiaz83 said...

I have to admit.. I totally DVR'd the Dove Awards just to see you. Awesome performance!! And always sooo stylish!!

I'm uber jealous of those leopard Tony Burch flats also.