Monday, August 20, 2012

opener extrordinaire

this past week something monumental happened.  my daughter, along with 4 of her friends (one being her brother), opened for Steven Curtis Chapman at our Northwest Montana County Fair.

ok, let me rephrase: there were a number of monumental things that happened this past week.

one: Steven Curtis Chapman BEING in Kalispell, Montana!  What?!!! it was amazing to have him in our area at our small town fair.

two: Izzi opening for him.  this had NOTHING to do with me folks! i did not arrange it.  this was by divine-design.

three: she killed it. as in, she was amazing. i promise you i am not being biased. just a music lover calling it like i see...or the girl can write and play and sing.

four: i listened as my daughter declared the name of Jesus in front of her friends and family, neighbors and strangers. boldy. beautifully.   this was THE monumental milestone that took my breath away.

for ALL the photos visit my facebook page.


jennifer said...

Stumbled upon this through Instagram via thorn + sparrow as I am looking into branding my new business venture. I used to be a preschool teacher in Corona del Mar, when your littles went to preschool at NCUMP. So seeing their grown up faces is kinda crazy cool. What a blessing. I'm gonna go back now and read through your blog. So fun. Thanks for sharing.

Crystal Lewis said...

jennifer... that's so cool!! i have such happy memories of those days:) glad you've 'found us' again!