Saturday, August 11, 2012


i am a worship leader. in my mind, i always have been. even though i'm often labeled 'an artist'.  i am that too, i suppose. i would even go so far as to say i'm a musician...though i know so many that are SO great,  so much better than me, i hesitate to refer to myself as such.

i led worship this evening at my church, freshlife, and will do so again twice in the morning.  sometimes, like this weekend, i get to lead with my son and/or daughter which brings me such joy i can't even find the words to express it.

but what i really want you to know is that i truly believe that there isn't anything other than Jesus worth singing about.  now, i enjoy 80's music, (i LOVE me some Michael Jackson)  and i listen to my share of current music but honestly, those songs are empty. yes, they can take you back to a specific time, stir up specific memories, emotions and feelings... but they are void of truth.  i mean, if we're talking eternal value here.

i'm reluctant to say it, but it's easy to get caught up in performance, church politics and the pursuit of a great show... i hate to admit it, but i know this from first-hand-experience.  i now know,at 42 years old, and after having done this for 25+ years, i'm just telling you: there is nothing more satisfying or fulfilling than hearing people sing at the top of their lungs to Jesus. listening to the sound of surrender. watching walls break away and strongholds demolished as men and women 'let praise pave the way to freedom'. (from Just Sing on SEE)

if you go to church somewhere... sing from your heart
if you don't... you're welcome to join us at every sunday at 9am/11am (mountain time) and you can sing out (loud) in the privacy of your home or car.... oh and hear some solid truth-teaching as well

psalm 100:1+2
shout with joy to the LORD, all the Earth! Worship the LORD with gladness. come before Him, singing with joy!



Amen sis! We must be careful about what we allow into our spirit and atmosphere. What we eat MUST be healthy (spiritually). You ARE 1 of my favorite artists ad indeed 1 of THEE best! Blessings!

Unknown said...

Great post about giving glory to God through song. Have you ever heard "My Saving Grace" by Mariah Carey (Charmbracelet Album)? ...just curious.

Thanks for listening.